HDB subscription for marriage and petitioning. If you are not get permanent residence, you can not apply it even if your partner is a Singapore citizen. So we rushed to apply the ROM, got the green card, got the HDB, applied for the local HDB we liked and won it three times. As for the concept of Korea, rental apartment is very different from our country. If you feel that Korea’s rental apartments are almost free for low-income and low-income people, the HDB in Singapore is owned by the government like Korea but with a rental limit of 99 years, and the price is more than 300 million in 3 bedrooms.

Sometimes my acquaintances say, “Singapore gives the people an apartment for free?” I want to emphasize that this is a completely wrong information. I think the reason for misunderstanding is because of the payment method of apartment. It is like a free gift for a feeling, thanks to the CPF (pension system?) System. In the CPF, like a pension in Korea, a certain amount of salary is accumulated. When the HDB is received, the house price is withdrawn from the CPF account. Since Korea does not provide a home for its parents, most of them take out a bank loan, so they lose their money separately from the salary, so the living expenses are reduced in the course of preparing the house, so they feel tight in real life. However, I get out of my bankbook, so I got a house suddenly I do not lose my salary. CPF is a pension concept, and after retirement, it becomes his own pocket money. It is usually the couples who set out how much they will be out of the CPF per month and how many years they will pay.

HDB also has a high-end type, such as the high-grade report, the back is completely drowned. Because of the fact that it is made more luxurious, the actual size is reduced so much that the room is strangled but it looks very frustrating. I feel like I came to a Japanese capsule hotel. Feeling asleep in an expensive box. I think it is 2 ~ 30% more expensive than HDB, but I do not understand why I have to pay more for it and buy a premium one. In addition to HDB, most Koreans in Singapore prefer to live in condominiums. Brand apartments can be expressed in this way. First of all, it differs from HDB in that it has security (guard room) and facilities such as swimming pool, sauna, BBQ section, fitness, seminar room, yoga and studio where you can exercise variously. Of course, depending on which condo you are in, the number of condominiums varies depending on where you are located, but if HDB is usually between 300 and 400 million per 3 bedrooms, condo is usually at least two to three times as large. It is also better than HDB in terms of design, but my personal opinion is that it is also a trick. Wherever we go, the structure of the house is very strange. The room is all over the place, feeling somewhat stuffy at home? This was not a big difference between the condo and the HDB. To be honest, the HDB built a long time ago, the living room is big and the room is cooler and cooler. Almost all of the houses built in the decade of the fortress are very frustrated and why did they build the house? I think it would be better if I designed it.

As a matter of fact, I was living in my family’s house, and I was able to move to the new house after four years. Since I already knew the structure of the house, I have been looking at interior magazines for 2-3 years and have been constantly looking at various interior apps, and started to collect suitable interior images for us. Of course, half of the photos do not fit into the apartment structure, but they have gathered unconditionally and started to consult with interior designers (here abbreviated as ID). I asked for estimates too early, and most of them say that they send out quotes. Do you have the keys, when do you want to move in? After asking these questions, it is not the children who will start the interior right now. If you do not have the money right now, this is not your customer. So later I rolled my head and started talking about it as if it had been a year or so and got a quote. I knew that there are roughly 3 bedroom 4 bedroom apartments (because living rooms are called “living rooms”) usually cost 50 million won for renovation. Because my husband is the king of search, I see other people’s posts. We decided not to build one bedroom and one bathroom for a simple family plan, and we only put quotes like 2 bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom with a bedroom, and a kitchen. And since I had planned a very specific design for each space so that the designer did not need to design the interior information collected during that time, the cost of design fell, and I expected it to be rice because I did not build one bedroom and one bathroom. “He said.

If it was a little cheaper, there were 40 million won, but I decided to select a company that can do the design that we desire because it is not much difference anyway. I started to consult in earnest six months ago, but my husband’s friend introduced me to the two interior companies and the two companies we knew. I almost made it to the company that introduced me to my friends, but I had to get out of the contract before I even contracted it. In fact, my friend introduced me to the fact that he was not 100% confident of his friend ‘s recommendation because he was an open house chosen by an interior designer. Wait here! An open house is a house where interior designers sometimes choose their customers once or twice a year and decorate them according to their newly designed style. I will do it 100%. And when the house is finished, you have to open it for others to see. I do not have to worry about not being in my life. And I am asked to recommend a lot of things around. Well, 50 million won is not falling from the sky, and this case can be considered lucky.

The criteria of my company selection was that I could design what I wanted, and the ability of how to solve the parts that could not be interiors was more important because of the nature of HDB because of government approval. I do not know if you think “how great the design you want here.” I’ll tell you, it’s a challenge that you’ve designed, designed, and out of the way you’ve been working so far. Even if it is not an expensive interior, it tends not to try even if it has not been done before, or to be expensive. If I knew this, I probably would not have left Singapore to pay 50 million won for the interior. never. Never! The nightmare-like interior episode to be written down is now beginning.

The reason I write this article is that I do not want to share the things I had to deal with so I do not want to do this again. I do not want to see this happening again because I was resigned to the fact that I did not do this before. Finally, I want to emphasize that fighting interior designers is not because I am not a native. It is said that 8 ~ 90% of the interior is fought by the contractors. So what about the other 20%? It is not an exaggeration to say that there is only a case that can not bother to the person and is just unconditionally done, or the case which does the interior decoration for free in the open house.

Finally a new house in Singapore

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