Under Sink Direct Water Purifier

There is no worry about germs and fungi compared to existing water purifiers that use instant water purification method using filter after storing water in water tank.
It is economical because there is no need of separate power source and there is no worry about electricity cost and trouble compared with cold water, hot water and ice.
Since it is installed inside the sink, it does not occupy space, so it is visually good and space efficiency is high.
There is an important point when choosing a direct water purifier. Flow rate, filter volume, filter price, water price, whether or not you have been certified by NSF. Occasionally, people use a commercial water purifier, which is not suitable for general households, although it may not be a large family. The reason is that when the water is purified by a large amount and there is a lot of water in the atmosphere, it may be exposed to the risk of bacterial and mold propagation and contamination if water is not used immediately.

It is advisable to determine the type of filter depending on whether the raw water is tap water or ground water. Generally, in houses or apartments in the city, drinking water is sufficient even if only hollow fiber membrane (UF) is used because tap water is used. The UF method has less filter price, maintenance cost, and electricity tax burden, and keeps iron and minerals in the water. If your house uses ground water, we recommend the reverse osmosis (RO) method. The RO method uses relatively electricity, costs for maintaining the filter are high, and water is wasted.

NSF certification is not only difficult to obtain because it has to pass 130 items, but it is more reliable because the certification is valid only after passing the re-certification every six months. In particular, the more the family, the more important the water purifier is, the better the water purifier is, the less water you have to wait until you have to wait for water to drink again, so the amount of water you use every day is more important than you think. The reason for using a regular water purifier is that it can be used not only for food, but also for cleaning food materials such as rice, vegetables, and fruits without worrying about electric charges. Chlorine contained in tap water is very harmful if it is absorbed through food materials or skin.


Features of water filter

The basic essence is sufficient to purify the drinking water in four steps of sediment, free carbon, UF, and post carbon. Additional functional filters include alkali, TCR, and antibacterial filters. The alkaline filter literally turns the water of neutral water into alkaline water. The TCR filter has a similar effect to the post-carbon filter, and has the effect of improving the water taste. The antibacterial filter serves to prevent water contamination by sterilization do.

Hollow Fiber Membrane (UF) Filter: The size of the polymer is 0.001 ~ 0.01 microns. It is fine from 1 / 10,000 to 1 / 10,000 of human hair thickness and removes impurities such as bacteria, viruses and particulates. give.
Spiral Wound Type filter: It is 0.001 ~ 0.01 microns in size. It completely removes microorganisms such as bacteria and Escherichia coli, which are harmful to human body, iron and rust, and passes the mineral components. A filter that has a stable distribution of the hollow fiber membrane filter and eliminates the breakage phenomenon and disadvantages of the hollow fiber filter.
Reverse Osmosis Filter: It is 0.0001 micrometer membrane pore size, which is one millionth the size of human hair. It is a perfect purification method that can not pass harmful substances, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and carcinogens. It is unsuitable because it is suitable for ground water with high pollution and water is purified in tap water of Korea and some developed countries where water quality is good.
There are other functional filters such as ion exchange resin filters, pyroceramic and silver carbon filters, and natural load filters, but they are not suitable for the environment in Korea or for drinking water.

Under Sink Water Purifier

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